Teaching and certification


Training will alternate between theory and practical application through exercises. The programme will be built based on CFA® simulation/practice tests. The active teaching method will enable you to immediately assimilate the material covered during the session. Discussion will also be encouraged to help you build a network with the other attendees.

Registration for the CFA® exam preparation day organised by Top Finance is also included in the programme. Attendance isn’t compulsory to obtain the certificate, but it provides real benefits. Taking a mock test under real exam conditions is essential to gain speed and confidence to pass the CFA® examination.

Final Exam

The final exam will take place in May 2020 and will consist of a simulation of the CFA® - Level 1 exam.


Participants in good administrative and financial standing who have actively attended class and passed the final exam will receive a “Preparation for the CFA® exam interuniversity certificate” worth 10 ECTS credits.

The credits can be used for another educational programme, subject to approval by the committee responsible for the programme for which the participant wants to register. Participation in the classes without passing the final exam will result in a certificate of participation being awarded.