Confined cram session? Successfully prepare for UCLouvain exams



During the exam study period, UCLouvain continues its initiatives to help students succeed. On the programme: ‘Blocus en mouvement, blocus gagnant !’, a series of videos to keep in shape and therefore concentrate; virtual libraries; supervised study; a team of student advisers; and more. What’s the goal? To help students stay motivated and aim to pass their exams.

Yet another confined exam study period. Yes, but with the support of UCLouvain's pedagogues and study advisors who advise you on how to plan effectively, maintain good health and (re)create the rhythm of genuine living. In short, to keep you focused on the goal: success.

UCLouvain is creating more initiatives to help students succeed, in order to provide concrete remedies for the stress experienced by students, who have already been involved in distance learning courses for nearly a year and, according to UCLouvain study advisors, ‘are forced without any real break into the exam study period and then the exams themselves. Some of them need reassurance and support. The idea is really to motivate students and help them in this final stretch.’

What’s new? The Blocus en mouvement, blocus gagnant ! once per week video advice on how to exercise during the study period! Posture, muscle strengthening, cardio, ... physical trainer Vincent d’Harveng shows you how on Facebook or YouTube UCLouvain Sports. In addition, restos U (University Restaurants) offer a take-away service to help you eat well throughout the study period (13,827 meals have been taken away on the Louvain-la-Neuve campus since March 2021).

On the study side, UCLouvain has set up on its campuses:

  • Virtual libraries on Teams, allowing students to study together yet in silence. What difference does it make? Medical student Marine Van Overstraeten responds, ‘Seeing others bent over their syllabus is stimulating, we’re less likely to lose focus. We’ve also created methodological advice and tips for relaxing.’
  • Psychologists for students in distress.
  • A study period kit with a study schedule to encourage structured studying.
  • A support system called Unlock Student Success.

Other UCLouvain study support initiatives include:

  • Louvain-la-Neuve campus
    • The Faculty of Psychology organises a structured study period, either face-to-face or remote, under the supervision of a master’s student. The goal is to provide a calm and motivating study environment and to create a dynamic of mutual support.
    • Support bloc’, supervised by the Support Kot, in auditoriums, to find motivation alongside others and to avoiding feeling alone.
    • More physical exercise, with the ‘Run and Bloque’, a daily outdoor jog to support each other and exercise.
  • Brussels-Woluwe campus
    • An interactive calendar with daily methodological advice and a plethora of tips and tricks to boost motivation.
    • The Student Support Service and the Kot à Côte offer lunchtime walks twice per week during the study period.
  • FUCaM Mons campus
    • Pre-study period methodological seminars on managing your preparation and sitting for exams.
    • Possibility for students who do not have a suitable work environmentn to study in the Learning Centre.
    • A team of student advisors to provide pedagogical support to students in difficulty.

In addition to the libraries and Learning Centres, several rooms on the Brussels, Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons campuses are also available to UCLouvain students who do not benefit from an optimal working environment during the study period and exams, as of 17 May (with extended hours, from 8:00 am to 11:45 pm, until 26 June).

Published on May 19, 2021