Since 2015, UCLouvain has offered student entrepreneurs a recognition of their specific status.

The purpose of PEPS-entrepreneur status is to:

  • encourage, support and guide registered UCLouvain students who wish to simultaneously develop a business activity;
  • enable the student to combine academic success and business development;
  • allow the student to benefit from ‘possible arrangements’ during his/her studies and a schedule adapted to his/her business project regardless of level or course of study;
  • ensure these students are identified and will benefit from a dialogue with faculties on the basis of university recognition, as the status stipulates that faculties may grant the students reasonable arrangements for the parallel pursuit of studies and peri-academic objectives.

A secondary purpose is to associate a set of local initiatives with the entrepreneurial activities of students in order to assure smoother communication and foster healthy competition.

The status will therefore enable the student to:

  • be aware of all initiatives, events, competitions, awards, course and coaching offerings related to entrepreneurship and innovation posted on UCLouvain websites, and participate more easily whether during or outside class hours;
  • enjoy easier access to the coaching structures most appropriate to his/her project and location (student incubators at Louvain-la-Neuve and Mons, OpenHub).

As with requests for the other categories of PEPS status, the student submits an application for analysis by experts whose decision is based on the project’s potential.

Curriculum adjustment examples include a reduced course load and ad hoc scheduling. Each request is analysed and accommodated in a personalised manner, to the extent on logistical constraints and schedule-related legal stipulations. These requests for specific adjustments will be examined in faculties.

Do not confuse the PEPS-entrepreneur status with the (fiscal) status of freelance student.

Please refer to the pages in French for more details on when/how to apply.