Prepare for an oral exam

During the last lesson, the professor will have posted to Moodle specific instructions concerning the oral exam (practical details, oral exam type, question types, additional resources to consult, etc.).

On the day of the exam, 15 minutes before the scheduled start, connect to Teams and test your camera and microphone (by clicking on your profile picture> settings> peripherals at the top right). If you have any concerns, contact the Service Desk immediately.

For obvious reasons regarding respect for hygiene rules, students who take their oral exam on campus will wear a headset and microphone.

Prepare your webcam so that your work environment is widely visible (face, chest, hands, and work table, etc.)

For advance preparation exams:
Preparation can range from a few hours to a few days and takes place individually or collectively at home before the exam and the exam can be open book, depending on the professor’s instructions.

For brief preparation exams:
In general, preparation is between 15 and 30 minutes and the exam is open book (unless the professor says otherwise), individual and supervised, during which you will be able to formulate the most adequate answer.

For no preparation exams:
These are direct discussions with the professor about one or more points concerning the subject. Answers must be given without recourse to any external resources.