Prepare for the exam

To take part in an exam held via a Test on MoodleUCL, students must be able to log on to the platform and be registered in the course related to the exam.

To avoid technical problems when viewing questions, it is advisable to access MoodleUCL from a computer equipped with a recent web browser. Firefox, Chrome or Microsoft Edge are proven browsers for taking part in a MoodleUCL exam.

Throughout the duration of a Test, students must be connected to the internet to be able to encode their answers. The Tests are configured to display only one question per page and the answers are recorded each time the page is changed. In case of loss of connection during the Test, it is thus possible to reconnect and continue the examination without losing any of your response.

Professors can choose to configure a Test with sequential navigation which requires answering questions in the order in which they are displayed, preventing the user from going back to a previous question and reconsidering an answer. In this case, do not use the browser’s back button, because you will be confronted with an error message. It is also possible that a Test is configured with free navigation, in which case it is possible to skip a question and come back to it later and reread answers before validating them.

Professors’ instructions will specify which mode of navigation is planned during a given exam and possibly which mode of communication is envisaged before and during the test.

Professors are invited to offer a practice exam with the same type of questions and the same navigation mode so that students can familiarise themselves with the exam process. Questions about exams organised via Test on MoodleUCL and technical problems identified during the associated practice exams can be relayed to the Service Desk. Incidents can be described using screen photos or videos in the event of an error message or unexpected behaviour.