Problems during the exam?

In case of technical problems during the exam, remember that all your answers are recorded; calmly reconnect to continue your Test.

In the event of connection loss or other technical problem before or during the exam, the UCLouvain Service Desk can help you.

If a technical problem arises during your examination and you are no longer able to continue (e.g. computer failure), the UCLouvain Service Desk must be contacted as soon as possible, and will try to help you restart your exam. In this case, the time of the interruption is automatically deducted from the duration of the exam. This incident will be reported to the professor.

If the UCLouvain Service Desk finds that the computer does not allow you to resume your exam, your exam will be stopped and the following paragraph of Article 103 of the Academic Regulations and Procedures (RGEE) will be applicable.

Students who, due to a technical problem, are unable to complete a distance examination until the end of their term, notify the university without delay, according to the prescribed procedure. The jury chair assesses the problem against what is provided in paragraph 2. If he deems the problem was indeed insurmountable, in consultation with the examiner, he authorises the student to take the exam, if possible the same day, using the same or other means.

The Service Desk will inform the professor as well as the jury chair, who will decide as quickly as possible.