Student support

The university cares about its students. This includes physical health and psychological well-being in every context: the classroom, the laboratory, accommodation, social life.

Whenever students encounter difficulties that hinder their studies or personal life, they should contact the university’s Student Support Service. Dedicated teams of some 50 professionals – social workers, doctors, psychologists and nurses – are ready to help. Whatever difficulty they may be experiencing, they can ask any question or confide any problem. For example:

  • Finding it difficult to adapt to student life?
  • Having trouble financing studies?
  • Dealing with a disability that requires specific support?
  • Questioning choice of studies or educational direction?
  • Experiencing family, relationship, flatmate or personal difficulties?
  • Suffering from a health, stress, diet, sleep, alcohol, drug, mood, sexual or any other issue?

Students should not hesitate to contact the Student Support Service.