Exam process

Here is the procedure for taking an oral exam:

You will receive oral exam instructions on Moodle and/or by email. In addition, you will also receive a Teams invitation to the meeting during which your exam will take place:

At the scheduled time (and only at the scheduled time!), join via the Teams meeting scheduled by the professor for your exam. To do this, in your Teams calendar, click the meeting scheduled by the professor, then, at the top right, ‘Join’:

If yours is a no preparation or advance preparation exam, your professor will join you at the scheduled meeting time. Activate your microphone and camera and wait for the professor.

If your professor plans a short preparation period longer than the announced duration of the exam (e.g. 30 minutes of preparation and 15 minutes of exam), you will then have direct access to a virtual ‘preparation room’ in which your professor will welcome you (based on the Teams invitation). He or she will send you, by private message, the question assigned to you. Next, at the end of the preparation period, he or she will call you into the virtual ‘exam room’. Before accessing it, don’t forget to ‘hang up on’ the preparation room.

In all cases, the professor will repeat the exam situation or question, listen to your answer, and discuss it with you. Follow-up and new questions may be asked. These will arise from the first question (examples, details, etc.), test the ability to pivot to another study area, or deal with other points concerning the subject.

When your professor tells you the oral exam has ended, you can hang up on the conversation.