TestWe exam process

Start the exam/practice test

You are asked to launch the TestWe software 30 minutes before the start of the exam.

Make sure that the date and time on your computer are correct and that your computer is connected by Wi-Fi or cable to the internet.

You may be asked for the administrator password, depending on your own configuration.

Launching TestWe will close various applications on your computer in order to isolate it.

Once logged in, you will be able to see your up-to-date exam list. You can also click on the ‘Refresh’ button to update the list of your exams.

Click ‘Start’ to start the exam at the appointed time. The examination can only start on the precise date and time communicated. You will have a maximum of 20 minutes to launch your exam, hence the advantage of launching TestWe immediately so that you can call if you have any concerns.

After this time, your exam will no longer be available.

During the exam

During the exam, you will no longer have access to the internet or to files on your computer because the software works in ‘lock down’ mode. The software is programmed to prohibit any access to a screen other than that of your exam for the duration of the test. You will then have the time available to complete the exam.

During the exam, it will not be possible to ask the professor questions.

A loss of connection during the exam is not a problem. Your exam is automatically saved on your computer and will be displayed as soon as your connection is returned.

A ‘backup’ procedure in the event of a technical failure before or during the examination is described below. We therefore encourage you to have close by, but not at hand or in front of you, a way to call the UCLouvain service desk.

Exam termination

If the connection is sufficient at the end of the exam, your copy will be automatically sent. Otherwise, you will have 24 hours to return it as soon as the connection is restored: just open the TestWe software which takes care of sending.

If your copy has been sent, you will find your exam in the ‘Past exams’ tab with a green dot. Please note, if the dot is yellow, it means that your copy has not been sent correctly and that it is awaiting dispatch. In this case, as soon as the connection is restored, all you have to do is open the TestWe software which takes care of sending.

A confirmation of receipt of your copy will be sent to you by email.

If any problems persist, contact the UCLouvain student service desk.

Important: If you are using a Windows PC and the TestWe application did not close properly, you must restart the TestWe application and then click on the ‘Restore Windows settings’ button offered by TestWe. To do so:

  • click on the link at the bottom left ‘About TestWe’;
  • click on the ‘Options’ menu;
  • click on ‘Restore Windows settings’.

NB: In case of loss of connection at the time of sending, you may receive notification of two copies having been sent. This should not worry you: the second version corresponds to the final encrypted backup saved on your computer by the software while waiting to find a connection.

On-site exams

For students who take the exam in a UCLouvain room, you will be asked to be present 30 minutes before the start of the exam. The exam will be the same as the online version. All health precautions will be taken. Gel will be available at room entrance/exit; a mask will be at your disposal; the room and keyboards will be cleaned after each exam.