Welcome and information day

Bruxelles Woluwe

What to expect?

That day, various departments and services of our university introduce themselves and their activities.
It is the perfect place to be to learn about what UCLouvain can offer and about student's life.


Friday September 11, 2020, from 11 AM to 1 PM



What stands can be found

  • ARTEFAC (in collaboration with UCLouvain Culture) - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    Creates, supports and stimulates cultural initiatives (exhibitions, art and drama
    workshops, musical improvisation courses).    
    Presentation of the next cultural season. Possibility to join the "cultural card".
  • SSS (Secteur des sciences de la santé) Library - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    Presentation and explanations about how it works.
  • Erasmus Student Network (ESN) - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    The largest student association in Europe.   
    Presentation by the local section of its many activities such as excursions, events, lectures, second hand sales, etc.
  • Housing service (LOGE) - Attendance to be confirmed -     
    This service makes available to students a park of more than 5725 furnished accommodations on its various sites.
  • Kot CGEI (General Coordination for international Students) - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    Provides services, support and guidance to international students for making their stay at UCLouvain a success.
    Information on administrative procedure and campus visits.
  • Sport and fitness service (SPOR) - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    Offers an inclusive fitness experience for everyone from beginner to elite athlete.    
    Information on the sports activities of the Brussels Woluwe campus. Possibility to join the sports card.
  • Student support service (AIDE) - Attendance to be confirmed - 
    This service offers social and financial assistance, psychological and psycho-pedagogical support, health advice, support for students with disabilities, disorders or disabling illness.    
    Information on the Belgian health system (mutuelle) and on its activities.


=>  From 11 AM to 12 AM: Join us and learn about Virtual Desk, Moodle, Global Account...

=> From 10 AM to 11 AM: Visit the campus with Kot CGEI

*** Don't miss this international event! ***