Cyclotron Resource Centre (CRC)


Cyclotron ©Aurore Delsoir   Protons beam ©Aurore Delsoir   Heavy ions beams ©Aurore Delsoir   Microporous membrane

Technical and scientific expertise

Exploitation of multi-charge ion beams, protons and neutrons for radiation resistance testing of electronic components used in space or at CERN (also via γ-sources) and the production of microporous membranes

Main equipment

  • Ion beams of the CYCLONE 110 cyclotron:
    • protons up to 65MeV
    • heavy ions up to Xe
    • neutrons
  • Cobalt 60 gamma irradiation

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  • Radiation resistance tests on electronic components
  • Production of microporous membranes

Services available to

  • UCLouvain students and researchers
  • Non-UCLouvain parties