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David DE LA CROIX - 01.01.2021 au 31.12.2025 - ERC-2019-AdG - Panel SH1


DID ELITE HUMAN CAPITAL TRIGGER THE RISE OF THE WEST? INSIGHTS FROM A NEW DATABASE OF EUROPEAN SCHOLARS My aim is to determine the role of elite knowledge and upper-tail human capital (UTHC) in triggering the rise of the West. I propose to build a database of a large sample of academic...
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Anthony PAPAVASILIOU - 01.11.2020 au 31.10.2025 - ERC-2019-StG - Panel PE7


SCALABLE OPTIMIZATION OF POWER SYSTEMS WITH FLEXIBLE DEMAND AND RENEWABLE SUPPLY The large-scale integration of renewable resources in electric power systems requires the mobilization of flexible consumers who can adapt their consumption to the variable and uncertain fluctuation of...
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Véronique DEHANT - 01.09.2020 au 31.08.2024 - ERC-2019-SyG


PROBING THE DEEP EARTH'S INTERIOR BY SYNERGISTIC USE OF OBSERVATIONS OF THE MAGNETIC AND GRAVITY FIELDS, AND OF THE ROTATION OF THE EARTH   What is inside the Earth? Our knowledge of the internal structure of our planet has increased significantly, but so much remains unknown....
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Raphaël JUNGERS - 01.09.2020 au 31.08.2025 - ERC-2019-CoG - Panel PE7


Learning to Control - Smart and Data-Driven Formal Methods for Cyber-Physical Systems control The engineered systems surrounding us are increasingly hard to control. Not only the complicated interaction of the physical processes with the machines that control them, but also specifications...
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Appel Mobilité USA

Appel Bourses Fulbright

DL: 01/12/2020 12:00 - L'appel 2020 de la Fulbright Commission in Belgium est ouvert. Pour quoi ? Comme chaque année, la Fulbright propose aux chercheur·e·s belges plusieurs bourses vers les U.S.A, ainsi que des bourses vers la Belgique pour des chercheur·e·s américain·e·s....
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