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Soutenance publique de thèse de Erwan Guillery

Le pôle COSY a le plaisir de vous convier à la soutenance publique de thèse de Monsieur Erwan Guillery "Cognitive-motor interactions in dual-task paradigms in healthy and chronic stroke participants" Thèse présentée en vue de l’obtention du grade de : Docteur en Sciences de...
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CEMO monthly seminar - Mathilde Toch

CEMO is delighted to announce the seminars of the department that will be given by PhD student and Postdoc. The seminar is followed by a lunch (kindly provided by the department) in order to allow everybody to interact and promote collaboration between labs. Agenda: 12:00 - "Targets...
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COSYmposium on May 3 2019

Agenda (more information to come) 13:30 Welcome word 13:40 Talk 1 14:10 Talk 2 14:40 Coffee Break 15:00 Talk 3 15:30 Talk 4 16:00 Coffee Break 16:15 Keynote lecture by Philippe Peigneux (ULB) 17:15 Reception Speakers : Tomas Lenc (IONS/COSY) Adriana...
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Conference Prof. Anna MORONI

The CEMO Division has the pleasure to invite you to the conference given by Prof. Anna MORONI, University of Milan.   “ A light-gated potassium channel for sustained neuronal inhibition ”   Nature Methods. 2018 15(11): 969-976 Science. 2015. 348 (6235): 707-10...
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Network reorganization after spinal cord injury in mice

The CEMO Division is pleased to inform you that Dr. Elena Kondratskaya will give a talk entitled:   “Network reorganization after spinal cord injury in mice”   Dr. Elena Kondratskaya University of Oslo, Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, Norwegian Center for...
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