Innoviris call "Research Platform 2021" - New Approaches of testing

DL: 13/09/2021 - 17:00 - Deadline for submission of propositions to ADRE

Goals of the call
The RPF action aims to support, in a selected topic, collaborative and interdisciplinary research projects by universities, higher education institutions and collective research centers located in the Brussels Region. The program promotes knowledge and technological transfers to Brussels companies, organisations and institutions. A short to mid-term valorisation of the project results is expected. The project consortium should partner with at least one mentor that must be a company based in Brussels. Additional mentors may be associations or public institutions.

New Approaches of Testing (Please check also the guidelines for a complete description)

  • The first area, following the WHO concept of environmental health, focuses on tests that evaluate the environmental effects on human health.
  • The second area focuses on the tests applied during the evaluation of new treatments.
  • third and last area targets diagnostic tests and screening strategies.

The RPF is not restricted to life sciences. Research in the fields of ICT, exact sciences or human and social sciences for instances are eligible. Interdisciplinarity is a very positive asset for a RPF project.


  • A RPF project must be lead by at least two independent Brussels based institution (UCLouvain, VUB, ULB, USL-B, Higher Education School and Collective Research Center -SIRRIS for instance).
  • At least one mentor, Brussels based company, must sponsor to the project.
  • Additional mentors, companies or other Brussels based institutions may sponsor the project.
  • A mentoring level must be determined for each mentor.
  • Project duration : From minimum 24 months to maximum 36 months.
  • It is possible (not an obligation) to submit a preparatory document to check with Innoviris if your project is in line with the theme of the call. This “Test Your Idea” must be submitted between 01/06 and 15/08, 2pm.
  • A full, completed and signed, consortium agreement between the partners will have to be submitted as the same time as the project (Please do contact your ADRE advisor).
  • Submission language : English preferred, French and Dutch OK !


  • Funding Rate : 100 %
  • Staff cost, operating costs, equipment costs, 5% flat rate operating costs, and 10% overheads
  • Détails can be found in the RPF Forms and here.


  • May 2021: Launch of the call
  • June 1 to August 15 2021, 2pm: Optional submission of the “Test Your Idea”. Consortia wishing to do so can validate the eligibility of their project with Innoviris before submission.
  • September 13 2021, 5pm : Deadline for the submission in ADRE of the FPP
  • September 21 2021, 2pm: Deadline for the submission of the FPP by ADRE to Innoviris
  • November 2021 – January 2022: Evaluation of the FPPs and oral defense in front of a jury composed of representatives of Innoviris and scientific experts
  • Between March 1 and June 30 2022: Start of the projects.


ADRE Advisors will help you by providing information on this RPF calls, to deal with administrative and legal stuffs, identifying mentors if needed, and support you in the valorisation aspects of the project

  • Life sciences, ICT, SHS : M. Xavier Lampe (ADRE/RREG)
  • Energy, Greentech, SHS: Mrs Kathleen Servaty (ADRE/RREG)

The SMCS (UCLouvain's statistical support platform - Support request) is also at your disposal for any questions regarding the collection and analysis of your data.


Publié le 18 mai 2021