Key Digital Technologies Calls

DL: 03/05/2023- 17:00 : Deadline for the application 

Key Digital Technologies is a partnership (former ECSEL JU) of Horizon Europe which funds projects for assuring coordinated and competitive research and innovation activities in the Electronic Components and Systems field in the EU.

KDT JU has recently launched three calls for proposals for collaborative projects:


*detailed information regarding the major challenges to be addressed in the IA and RIA Global Calls can be found in the attached document ECS SRIA 2022. There are a wide variety of areas: Process technology, equipment, materials and manufacturing; Components, modules and systems integration; Embedded software and beyond; System of Systems; Edge computing and embedded artificial intellegence; Connectivity; Architecture; Cybersecurity; Mobility; Energy; Health; Digital Industry; Agrifood, etc.


  • Calls 1 & 2: two stages calls
  • Deadline of Project Outline (PO) phase: 03 May 2023 (17:00 Brussels time)
  • Deadline of Full Project Proposal (FPP) phase: 19 September 2023 (17:00 Brussels time)
  • Call 3 : one stage: Deadline of Full Project Proposal (FPP) phase: at 17:00 Brussels time on 03 May 2023

Estimated EU expenditure willl be complemented by national/regional cofunding reaching a total budget for these calls of more than 500 MEUR.


In the case of UCLouvain and other universities 100% of the eligible costs will be covered:

  • Call 3 is fully funded by the EU


A presentation with the essential information on these calls is attached to this email. More details are available in the attached Work Programme and in the KDT JU website:

Contact at UCLouvain

For any questions, need of assistance or expressions of interest:

Mr Luis Diez Gamiz (ADRE/RINT) - Phone: +32 (0)10/47.28.96


For the statical analysis of your data
The SMCS (UCLouvain's statistical support platform - Support request) is also at your disposal for any questions regarding the collection and analysis of your data.

Publié le 07 mars 2023