"Extending the lens of ableism: dis/ability in the workplace"

22 octobre 2018

12h30 - 14h00

Les Midis du CIRTES, Eline Jammaers (UCL - LSM - CIRTES), lundi 22/10/2018.

Drawing on critical management studies and critical disability studies, the work of Eline Jammaers extends current knowledge on ‘ableism’ in work settings. Ableism has been conceptualized as a mechanism that presumes able-bodiedness, leading to a devaluation and othering of people with impairments, constituting them through a relation of inferiority relative to able-bodied people which becomes normalized through language and ingrained into our collective unconsciousness (Campbell, 2009; Shildrick, 2012). The presentation will set out a research agenda for the future, with the aim of better understanding how dis/ability shapes the career outcomes of people deemed ‘different’.