Cycle de séminaires "Climat"

02 mars 2020

06 avril 2020


A cycle of five seminars on the topic "Impact of climate change " this semester in ELI.

full program


The objective is for people from ELI to meet and discuss with our invited speakers. Discussion sessions open to all interested members from ELI will be organised in the afternoon after the seminar, or the next morning. Furthermore, an informal sandwich lunch with the speakers will take place before their tlak.

If you are interested by one or more topic, please contact the ELI contact member of the speaker to be on the mailing list for the discussion session of that speaker.

2nd March - Jens Strauss - Deep permafrost carbon pools and their vulnerability to mobilization (ELI contact person: S. Opfergelt)

16th March - Friederike Otto - Wild weather? – Identifying whether and to what extent climate change is taking its toll (ELI contact person: H. Goosse)

31st March- Marco Turo - Europe under climate change: droughts, heat waves and fires (ELI contact person: F. Massonet)

6th April - Nicolas Delpierre - Climate change impacts on forest productivity (ELI contact person: M. Jonard)

TBC  - Bruno Basso (ELI contact person: X. Draye) - Theme: crop modelling