Midi de l'éthique - "Should Afghan Women automatically be granted asylum ?"

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

14 décembre 2021

12h45 - 13h55


The condition of women in Afghanistan and elsewhere on the planet is a source of very serious concern. This raises the question whether gender should be a source of special refugee rights in some cases. More generally, the question arises as to whether the gender dimension is sufficiently taken into account in current refugee law and policy, especially in the Belgian context.

In order to gain clarity and depth on these issues of gender and immigration, we will have three speakers: Sylvie Sarolea, Lawyer, Professor of Immigration and Refugee Law at UCLouvain, Herbert Bruecker, economist and Professor at the Humbolt University Berlin, and Chris Bertram, philosopher, Emeritus Professor in Social and Political Philosophy at the University of Bristol. The debate will be moderated by Adriana Costa Santos, PhD student in political science at Université St Louis (Brussels) and linchpin of BXLRefugees. François Boucher, philosopher and Post-doc researcher at KULeuven will launch the first question.

Questions from the audience can of course be asked in French. We will translate them for the speakers if needed.

Attention : participation libre mais inscription obligatoire : chaire-hoover@uclouvain.be