Former Bernheim Lectures

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

2017 Lectures: Jeffrey Moriarty (Bentley University, US)
The ethics of pay
9/11/2017, Lecture 1. General principles: agreement vs. contribution
10/11/2017, Lecture 2. Wages and working conditions in sweatshops
13/11/2017, Lecture 3. Executive Compensation
14/11/2017, Lecture 4. Pay Secrecy

2016 Lectures: Sandrine Blanc (INSEEC)
The social responsibility of multinational corporations
8/11/2016, Lecture 1. Multinational corporations (MNCs) and corporate social responsibility: definitions, practices and issues
10/11/2016, Lecture 2. The social responsibility of MNCs. Do MNCs bear social responsibility for global justice?
17/11/2016, Lecture 3. The political responsibility of MNCs. Should MNCs take part in governance processes?
18/11/2016, Lecture 4. MNCs and human rights. Do MNCs have human rights obligations?

2015 Lectures: Gabriel Burdin (Leeds/IZA/UR-Montevideo)
Is workplace democracy utopian in a market economy?
10/11/2015, Lecture 1. Workplace democracy: definitions, normative foundations and real-world examples.
13/11/2015, Lecture 2.The political case for workplace democracy. What are the benefits and costs of democracy at the firm level?
17/11/2015, Lecture 3. Does workplace democracy foster the development of local communities?