Katarina Pitasse Fragoso

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve

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I am currently a PhD candidate in Political and Moral Philosophy, at the Catholic University of Louvain, where I’m a member of the Hoover Chair of Economic and Social Ethics and of the Institut Supérieur de Philosophie. My PhD is financed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (CAPES).

My research examines agency and poverty through the lens of capability theories of justice. In particular, I seek to i) enhance our understanding of poverty by suggesting that previous conceptualisations are incomplete, and by attempting to include interpersonal relations in measurements of poverty; and, ii) argue that in order to fight poverty, it is imperative to listen to those who face it every day. My argumentation touches upon issues of production of knowledge, equal treatment and legitimacy.

I have an MA in Political Philosophy from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2014, Brazil), writing my thesis on the tension between global rights and cultural claims. I did my Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the Federal University of Rio of Janeiro (2012, Brazil) and in Law at the Fluminense Federal University (2011, Brazil).

My main research interests include issues of poverty, inequality, social justice, participatory programmes and capability theory.

En français

Je suis titulaire d’une double formation en droit et en philosophie. Actuellement je poursuis ma thèse de doctorat en philosophie à l'Université Catholique de Louvain (2014-2018), je suis attachée à la Chaire Hoover d'éthique économique et sociale et à l'Institut supérieur de philosophie. J'ai obtenu une allocation de recherche du Ministère d'Éducation brésilien. Je m'intéresse aux problématiques des théories de la justice, théories de la démocratie, philosophie morale, philosophie politique et philosophie du droit. Plus précisément, mes recherches portent sur la défense d’une politique participative pour combattre la pauvreté.

Master en philosophie, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2014)
Bachelier en philosophie, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (2012)
Bachelier en droit, Universidade Federal Fluminense (2011)

Collège Dupriez, Bureau D.311
Place Montesquieu 3
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve
Academia.edu: https://uclouvain.academia.edu/KatarinaPitasseFragoso
E-mail : katarina.fragoso@uclouvain.be
Tel : +32 10 473069


Les programmes conditionnels de lutte contre la pauvreté sont-ils justes?, Revue Quart Monde, 2017, N°241, p. 19-23.