Vivès Seminar

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve


The Vivès Seminar in Law, Economics and Political Philosophy is a reading seminar taking place every two weeks at the Hoover Chair. Phd students, Post-Docs and visitors at the Chair are invited to present their work-in-progress and to comment on the work of others. For any questions, please contact Refia Kadayifçi.


Next presentations:

February 15: Olivier E. Malay (IRES & Hoover Chair)
TITLE: How to articulate business level indicators to beyond GDP indexes?

ABSTRACT: In the last decades, new indicators have been developed to provide alternatives to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at the macro level, and to Return On Investment (ROI) at the business level. However, these new indicators are poorly articulated between the business and the macro level. This paper aims to provide a framework of articulation between them. Firstly, we review how the micro-macro articulation is done in the case of GDP and ROI. Then, we discuss three theoretical challenges faced by an articulation of business level indicators to beyond GDP indexes. Finally, we show what a convergence should look like and how current indicators attempt to articulate the two perspectives.

March 19: Camille Pascal

April 2: Mattia Gozzi