Vivès Seminar, since 2014

CHAIRE HOOVER Louvain-La-Neuve


The Vivès Seminar in Law, Economics and Political Philosophy is a reading seminar taking place every two weeks at the Hoover Chair. Phd students, Post-Docs and visitors at the Chair are invited to present their work-in-progress and to comment on the work of others. For any questions, please contact Andrés Salazar Abello


Next presentation 2023-2024:

Septembre 18 :Diana Piroli
Just Cultural Transition: Justice Requirements to Cultural Climate Policies for Liberal Democracies

October 2 :Niko Väänänen
Should military conscription be credited in pensions?

October 16:Manuel Valente
The Curious Case against Benjamin Buttonism

October 30:Sanat Sogani
Adequate Opportunity to Deserve Appraisal Respect

November 13:Daniel Haüser
Rights as Heuristics and the Problem of Generality

December 11:Ines Cisneiros
Intergenerational Democratic Dialogue

Januari 22:Mahua Agrawal
Gender and Sex: A New Conceptual Model

February 5:Pierre André
Climate Justice or Climate Security?

March 12:Niko Väänänen
Softening the Assurance Problem in PAYGO Pensions

March 19:Davide Pala
Can Future Generations Be Dominated?

26 Mar:Laura Sanchez
Climate Refugees

23 Mar:Rubén Marciel
Outlining the Civic Strategy in Media Policy