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Online dictionaries that will help you choose the exact word you're looking for:

  • Reverso for FR-EN-FR translations and examples of words in context
  • Linguee for FR-EN-FR translations and words in context from a large European corpus (beware of Franglais in .eu or .ca sources)
  • Cambridge Dictionary for EN-EN definitions, synonyms and examples, and grammar, as well as pronunciation or EN-FR-EN translations
  • Ozdic Collocation Dictionary for finding which words are often used together
  • The Visual Dictionary to find common terms in biology, anatomy, transport, music and clothing, based on pictures and schematics

Academic glossaries for words and expressions commonly used in a university setting:

  • If you are curious about university terminology in the United Kingdom, consult this academic glossary from Oxford University.
  • This academic glossary (xls file) compiled by UCLouvain English coaches will help you find the right term or phrase whether you’re 
                 - talking about statistical data
                 - describing features
                 - referencing in texts and presentations
                 - presenting results
                 - providing feedback
                 - looking for a useful adverb or connector
                 - trying to avoid a false friend

The official UCLouvain glossary

Check out the UCLouvain and KULeuven common database for university terminology. It is constantly updated, and if you're looking for a term that isn't there, make a suggestion.

UCLouvain-KULeuven University Terminology Database