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Wanna be more better? Oops! Do you want to become more accurate?

Improve your use of spoken and written English here:

Revise and practise with our grammar review, with exercises and answers:  

Topics include:

  • tenses
  • conditionals
  • passive voice
  • modal auxiliaries
  • comparatives and superlatives
  • used to or be used to
  • infinitive or gerund

Use the right idioms and avoid frequently made mistakes (vocabulary and grammar), with vocabulary lists, exercises and answers, compiled by UCLouvain English coaches:

  • physician and physicist?
  • Do I lend or do I borrow something?
  • Is it in the ground and on the field or vice versa?

Check out our

Structure your scientific papers, journal articles and presentations using the appropriate expressions from the University of Manchester Academic Phrase Bank.

You'll find useful language functions for:

  • Introducing
  • Referring to sources
  • Describing methods
  • Reporting results
  • Describing findings
  • Writing conclusions