International Music Lunch : retour d'un doctorant sur le dernier évènement Langues&Cultures de l'année 22-23

ILV Louvain-La-Neuve



LFRAN1001 Student

Guess what ?

ILV has once again hosted a successful event that brought students together and created a joyful atmosphere !

This time, for International Music Lunch (Langues&Cultures); where me and other students from all around the world gathered to introduce music from our home country to each other. The ILV team, led by Valerie, warmly welcomed us and made the event a memorable experience.

We had the chance to introduce music in French and also in our mother tongues.

I was always looking for an opportunity to play music from my country for others. That was the moment! I did it! The passion was evident on everyone's faces. I am proud to be a part of this event.

Music is our common language.

Viva music !

Viva ILV !!

Viva UCLouvain !!!

Arash M., LFRAN1001 course, Sciences and Technology, Iran