LL.M. in International Law - starting in September 2023 


University certificate: LL.M. in International Law - starting in September 2023 

The UCLouvain Faculty of Law and Criminology has created a new certificate program called “LL.M. in International Law” dedicated to providing an understanding of the rules of international law in several fields. The course is 100% remote.

It is intended for people who:

  • want to specialise in international law while continuing their career and without having to be present in the classroom 
  • want to work at their own pace remotely while benefiting from personalised follow-up and interaction with professors via “live sessions”
  • want to complete their training, regardless of the professional field in which they want to work: international institutions, law firms, non-governmental organisations, etc. 

For more details & info please have a look: https://llm-uclouvain.be/

Publié le 28 mars 2023