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Islamic finance has become an important part of the international financial system and is one of its fastest growing components. This segment is growing 50% faster than the entire banking industry in several corebanking markets. Islamic banking assets exceed 2,5 trillion USD. Islamic finance has been developing so vigorously that it has evolved from anascent industry to a global market, where Muslims and non-Muslims are working together and learning from each other for the development of relevant products and services. London and Luxembourg have become leading Islamic Financial hubs.

Brussels and Paris are seeking to take a share of this emerging industry.
This fast emerging market lacks skilled and trained professionals. In partnership with ISFIN, the world’s leading Islamic finance advisory, LSM Business School presents a high net worth executive program: the Islamic Finance University certificate.

This programme is supported by the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Deloitte Luxembourg and by IRTI (Islamic Research and Training Institute).




  • Innovative and emerging area
  • Unique university programme in the Benelux
  • Acknowledged professors, good mix between internationally recognized academics and field experts
  • Ethical aspect of the program
  • Answer to a market need and added value in the participants’ professional cursus


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