Module 1 – Introduction/basics principles of Toxicology :
Completed in 2019

> Calendar and detailed programme.

  • Dose/exposure

  • Tools in toxicology

  • In vitro experimental toxicology

  • In vivo experimental toxicology

  • Human toxicology

  • Environmental toxicology

  • Target organs/systems of toxicity through practical exercises

Module 3 – Regulatory Toxicology of Chemicals:
21-25 October 2019

> Background and aims

> Calendar and detailed programme.

  • Introduction

  • Hazard identification and characterization of the dose-response

  • Hazard identification and communication

  • Exposure assessment

  • Risk Management: main principles and hierarchy of risk management measures

  • Examples of frameworks

  • Regulatory Toxicology and society

Module 4 – In vitro toxicology (in collaboration with ESTIV)
5-10 April 2020

> Calendar and detailed programme

  • European legislative framework and international guidelines for in vitro toxicity testing of chemicals.

  • Use and validation of 3R-alternative methods in Europe.

  • In vitro methods for assessing cytotoxicity, skin sensitization, skin/eye irritation/corrosion, immunotoxicity, genotoxicity, carcinogenicity and developmental toxicity.

  • Development and application of cell lines, organ-specific models, tridimensional and reconstructed models, bioreactors and stem cell models in in vitro toxicology.

  • Use of “omics”-based methods in in vitro toxicology.

  • Good in vitro method practices/good cell culture practice.

  • In vitro kinetics and in vitro-in vivo extrapolation.

  • In vitro aspects of pathway-based toxicology.

  • Non-animal testing technologies and strategies used for chemical hazard and

  • risk assessment in Europe.

  • Hands-on training on skin and eye irritation testing in vitro.