Teaching and Certification



The programme is organised into intensive, in-person modules and alternates between:

  • theory;
  • demonstrations, practical exercises, and out-of-class work to delve deeper into theoretical knowledge learned and confront participants with the difficulties tied to relevant and trustworthy sources;

Based on active learning, the programme is taught by lecturers from the professional world and academia.

Final Exam (per module)

The final exam consists of a written essay applying and integrating the subject matters of the module. It addresses a specific topic relevant for the student's professional activity, chosen by the certificate committee.


An attendance certificate is provided after participation, after each module.

Participants duly registered at the university, having actively attended classes and passed the final exam of at least 3 modules will earn a university certificate in “Toxicology” (13 ECTS).
These credits can be used to pursue another educational programme at a later date.