Workshop #3 : Online Folkarcok - Ethnographie en ligne d'un folklore hongrois en distanciel - 12 mars 2021

Workshop organisé par Étienne Dalemans - 12/03/2021 de 14h à 16h en mode webinaire.

Attention ! Ce workshop se tiendra dans son intégralité en anglais.


Discutants :

  • Mátyás Egervári (bands manager)
  • Máté (string instruments teacher)
  • Dániel Vizeli (dance teacher)


Présentation :

2020 has been a very particular year for culture and has created unprecedented contexts for hungarian folk music, due to the global pandemic of covid-19.

Etienne Dalemans suggests a participative workshop to review the recent evolutions in the methods of teaching folk dancing, folk music, but also in the way to display this culture. An overview of the situation will be presented in the first period of the workshop. After which, with the helping interventions of Mátyás Egervári (bands manager), Máté (string instruments teacher) and Dániel Vizeli (dance teacher), light will be made upon some key elements in the practice of the folk culture throughout confinement periods. How was the experience of online teaching/concert for our guests? What are the consequences of the lack of live events in terms of togetherness? What are the main elements that are necessary to a positive practice of the folk music and dance in times of body distanciation? The participants will then be invited to a closing discussion.


© photos : Darics Dóra (Instagram)