Workshop #6 : FolkFocus - Hongrie, folklore et modernité - 20 et 21 juin 2022

Workshop organized by Étienne Dalemans - 20th et 21st of June 2022 at Studio 13 and La Ferme du Biéreau (Louvain-la-Neuve)

The entire conference will be conducted in English




Detailed Program



The conference aims to study the hungarian folk movement called “táncházmozgalom” (“dance house movement”). In 2022, this movement celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the first “táncház” (“dance house”, type of traditional dance ball), held in Budapest on the 6th of May 1972.

The process of “learning by doing” is a central dynamic to the personal investment of the youngsters in this movement, during the music and dance lessons as well as during the táncházak (dance houses), koncertek (concerts) and táborok (camps). The dance house movement is also very much marked by hungarian ethnography of the 20th century. The practices of dancing and music are anchored in the consulting of numerous works and archives of ethnographic collections from the last century. As such, the “táncházmozgalom” is often called “revival movement” since it brings melodies and steps of rural folk music back up to date in the modern and urban context of Budapest.

In 2020 and 2021 the folkarcok (“folk heads”, members of the movement) live through a pandemic which forces the traditional methods to evolve towards new ways of transmission: through multimedia communication, for instance. Also, these new identity-making processes develop within a general european network of folk events such as summer camps and festivals.

How does the society making between the members of the movement evolve? How does the young generation perceive and interpret codes of social construct that are transmitted in the táncház social environment, and in regard with European policies and hungarian politics of identity? What are their impressions and wishes regarding this cultural movement now, their own place in the modernity and in the near digital future? Which steps is the young generation taking within and out of the táncházmozgalom?


Scientific guests :