Course Registration

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons


You will have to complete 3 essential steps to be properly enrolled at UCLouvain:

STEP 1. MOODLE – Register for all your courses (to access the learning material, forums and information about your assignments)

  • Go to the MOODLE website, log in with your global identifier and password and look for the courses you wish to attend by their codes (eg LECON1234)
  • Please note, Moodle doesn’t give you access to ONLINE classes, you will need to register on TEAMS for this (see step 2.).
  • If the course cannot be found, it probably means that the course is given at Unamur  (it is the case for some of the economics courses at master level) – let your mobility coordinator as soon as possible as they need to organize your access to Web Campus (a platform similar to Moodle) and this can take up to 2 weeks.

STEP 2. TEAMS – Register for all your courses (to access online classes if we go back into code orange or red due to the possible worsening of the Covid situation)

  • Go to the TEAMS website to add the same course codes again to register for their online classes.
  • It will take 24 hrs to be registered properly. When directed by your lecturer, please go on your application Teams, you should see the different teams/classes you belong to. Join the meeting when it starts.
  • Please note: even if courses have to be taught online, not all lecturers record their classes. You are therefore strongly encourage to attend all classes whether they are taught online or face to face.


It is important to note that registering for Moodle and Teams doesn’t automatically officially register you on the system.

STEP 3. The formal registration will be done by your mobility coordinator 

  • Please send your LEARNING AGREEMENT signed by yourself and your home institution to your ESPO mobility coordinator
  • It must be sent within 2 weeks of the start of the semester.
  • The mobility coordinator will register you for the courses as approved by your home situation in the UCLouvain system and you will be given the opportunity to double-check this registration.
  • Later in the semester you will be asked to register to sit for the exams of these courses (via your virtual office). 

DEADLINE to send your signed learning agreement to your mobility coordinator:

  • 30 SEPTEMBER at the latest for the 1st semester
  • 15 FEBRUARY at the latest for the 2nd semester