Practical Information February 2021

ESPO Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

Covid – Compulsory quarantine

The situation remains the same. Belgium is in a “soft” lockdown, which means that shops are open, but homeworking is the norm, restaurants and cafes are closed and gatherings are forbidden.
We are only allowed a bubble of one person (that we can see regularly and inside), and up to 4 outside (for walks for example). Everywhere in Belgium, you must wear a mask at all times when you leave your home.

For people coming to Belgium, please read carefuly the details listed here:  - See  point "3. Health measures related to travel: testing, PLF, quarantine"


@UCLouvain: see the last informations concerning the covid situation here:


Because of this quarantine compulsory requirement, we really insist on the fact that you should have your accommodation sorted by the time you arrive in Belgium.
If you don’t have any, it is preferable to cancel your exchange.
If you have any questions related to your accommodation, please contact or

Teaching Format

The semester will start in "online mode" with the hope that as soon as the situation will allow it, the teaching will revert back to face-to-face or in dual mode.
Please activate ASAP your Moodle and Teams!

Learning Agreement


You can check whether the schedule of your classes looks fine or not by going on this platform:

  • Utilisateur = etudiant,
  • Mot de passe= student

 and enter the code of your course in the field next to “Recherche”. Check from the 1st week of the semester, which is 1 Feb. 

To get started @ UCLouvain

It is important to activate you UClouvain global account, virtual office set-up, etc.. ASAP!
Please complete all the steps listed on this page as soon as possible: 

Academic Calendar

Contact details

  • Admissions :
  • IT issues: +32 10 47 82 82 or
    NOTE: make sure that you give your NOMA

French Course

You will have until 15 February to finalise your learning agreement. 

These are the steps to follow if you plan to follow a French Course in your LA:

  • Consult the information about the various levels of French and their schedule here:
  • From 28/01 only: you can view the recordings made by ILV that will explain their courses:
  • On Mo 1 February, between 9am and 12pm: if you have any questions, you can ask an ILV professor by joining a conversation on Teams
  • Between Fri 29 January and 12 February, you need to sit an assessment test on Moodle
  • From 1 February (1st week), please attend the course you have chosen on Teams
  • From 8 February (2n week) , please register formally for the chosen course, following your assessment.
  • The classes start in the first week already, from 1 Feb. You should attend the one you think suits your level best even if you haven’t sat the assessment test yet. 

All the information related to:

  • conditions to access those courses,
  • the admission process and
  • the forms you need to complete

can be found here:

Information Session

Due to the covid, each international coordinator/each school will plan their own online session. Please make sure you have activated your UCLouvain email address (through the widget on your dashboard/virtual Office/MyUCL).

Student Organization CGEI

On this campus, we have a Student organization called CGEI - Coordination Générale des étudiants internationaux - which offers, among others, the following services:

  • They can meet you at the train station in LouvainLa-Neuve (LLN) if you organize it with them (email is best) early enough.
  • They can take you to the relevant accommodation office to pick up your key and show you where your accommodation is located.


  • Email: or
  • Mob: +32 (0)473 95 32 71
  • Address: Ruelle Dédale, 1
  • They will also be available for questions at the International Student virtual Day on 29 Jan between 11am and 3pm.