Nouveau programme bilingue: 75% en français et 25% en anglais

Pour la première fois en Belgique, l'UCLouvain vous offre le prestigieux programme PPE: bachelor in Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Integrating 3 disciplines to shape an independent mind

  • Want to deepen your understanding of our society and contribute to shaping its future? To develop your critical thinking skills?
  • Depth, rigour and relevance are the core features of this integrated degree, which qualifies its holder to pursue a master’s degree in any of the three disciplines.
  • If you are intellectually curious and motivated, interested in both research and taking action, join this bilingual program taught by leading scholars!


6 bi-disciplinary courses

  1. Political Thought
  2. Logic, Language and Politics
  3. Voting
  4. Practical Philosophy & Normative Economics
  5. Globalisation
  6. Epistemology, causation and Modelisation

1 Research Paper - Each year, a prize entitled “PPE Research Essay Prize” is awarded: Prize Regulations

Bilingual programme (FR/EN) / Mastering at least two languages

  • 25% of the courses are taught in English / 75% in French
  • 2 English Language courses
  • 2 other language courses among German, Spanish, Dutch or other

Access to 10 masters


This program is co-organised by 2 Faculties / 3 schools:

Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales, politiques et de communication - ESPO

Faculté de Philosophie et Lettres - FIAL

PPE Programme

The PPE programme and the course's description are available here.