CEMS Network


Academics Partners

Founded in Europe in 1988, the CEMS alliance now comprises 33 member schools across 5 continents, delivering the CEMS Master's in International Management around the world. All 33 are top schools within their own country.

Corporate Partners

CEMS was built on the vision of creating a bridge between the academic and corporate worlds. Since its creation in 1988, CEMS has worked alongside industry representatives and academics in providing expertise, insight and vision for all aspects of programme development, implementation and support. At the outset, there were 9 CEMS Corporate Partners. Today there are over 70.

Today, the CEMS Corporate Partner community consists of a wide range of multinational companies with an excellent reputation both on a national and international level, and operating in the fields of finance, industry and services and consulting. CEMS Corporate Partners are active contributors to the CEMS network interested in the development of international management education and recruitment.

The complete list of CEMS Corporate Partners can be viewed on the following page -> CEMS Corporate Partners


CEMS Alumni

CEMS MIM Alumni represent 108 nationalities and work in over 75 countries in a range of industries such as Consulting, Consumer Goods, Technology and Finance. 

They take diverse career paths, are on better pay conditions than in previous years and have the international profile to be able to change and adapt to new situation with greater ease than most. The spirit of enterprise is also evident, with many alumni going on to create their own business with considerable success.

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Corporate organisations

The Louvain School of Management develops various types of collaborations with public and private organisations at international, national and local levels. They allow both our students and faculty to benefit from the knowledge and the expertise of these players, and conversely provide them with access to the knowledge and the expertise of the School.

Together with 30 Corporate Partners, Student Associations and Alumni Associations, the Louvain School of Management helps the students to foster their professional development.

To reach this goal, the School organises a large range of activities that aim to develop the professional skills and experience of our students and facilitate their integration into the international corporate world.

Students can register to our Career Centre: visit our Professional Career Development page for more information.