Business & Society Research Seminars

Louvain-La-Neuve, Mons

A cause de la situation sanitaire (covid), le Business & Society seminar de 2020 a été annulé. Le prochain Business & Society seminar aura lieu en 2021 à Namur le 17-18 juin. 


Call for papers for 2021 edition: Deadline 21th February

2020 Business and Society Research Seminar

This event has been cancelled due to the covid situation and will be held in 2021. More information to come...

2019 Business and Society Research Seminar

"Corporate Social Responsibility, Grand Challenges and Sustainability: The Business of Society?!"

2018 Business and Society Research Seminar

The Transformation towards Sustainable Business: Empowering Stakeholders for Sustainable Innovation, Production, and Consumption

2017 Business and Society Research Seminar

Corporate Social Responsibility in Uncertain Times

2016 CSR Research Seminar

Taking corporate responsibility to the next level: Innovative business approaches

2015 CSR Research Seminar

2015 CSR Research Seminar - The 5th CSR Research Seminar

2012 CSR Research Seminar

Shaping the Future of CSR research