Rwabaho gathers here a series of analysis on Rwanda from organisations specialized in human rights, as much Rwandan as international: non-governmental organization, intergovernmental, etc.

This information deals with the situation of human rights in different aspects: humanitarian, legal, political, social, economical, etc. It also addresses the implications for Rwanda in the region of the African Great Lakes.

This information can be considered reliable as it was provided by independent and relevant organizations. However, it is the sole responsibility of their authors and RwaBaho cannot be held liable in the event of a dispute.


National sources

Interpeace Institut de Recherche et de Dialogue pour la PaixInstitute of Research and Dialogue for Peace
Power sharing for lasting peace in Rwanda
March 2008


imbutoImbuto foundation
Annual Report
July 2014 - June 2015


International sources

Human Rights WatchHuman Rights Watch

Amnesty InternationalAmnesty International