MDR 2016-17

Calendrier des Midis de la Recherche en Population et Développement 2016-2017

  • 30 septembre, Bruno Schoumaker, Lucie Godeau, Chadia Hezukuri (en collaboration avec Sarah Demart, Ilke Adam, Marie Godin, Jonas Poucineau) (DEMO/UCL), Enquête POMBE (Postcolonial migrants in Belgium). Présentation de l'enquête et premiers résultats
  • 20 octobre, Solveig Argeseanu Cunningham (Emory University), International Development, Transitions, and the Global Emergence of Obesity
  • 28 octobre, Michel Guillot (University of Pennsylvania), Titre à définir
  • 7 novembre, Gayle Kaufman (Davidson College), Barriers to equality: Why British fathers do not use paternity leave
  • 24 novembre, Li Ma (DEMO/UCL), Jani Turunen (University of Stockholm), Ester Rizzi (DEMO/UCL), Marriage formation type and divorce in China
  • 24 février, David Shapiro (Prof. Emeritus of Economics, Penn State University), Linkages between Education and Fertility in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • 27 février, David Shapiro (Prof. Emeritus of Economics, Penn State University) et Basile Tambashe (Université de Kinshasa), Fertility, Ethnicity, and Education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
  • 16 mars, Sarah Carpentier (DEMO/UCL), Lost in Transition? Essays on the Socio-Economic Trajectories of Social Assistance Beneficiaries in Belgium
  • 20 avril, Bruno Schoumaker (DEMO/UCL), Stalls in fertility transitions in sub-Saharan Africa. Revisiting the evidence
  • 9 mai, Noël Bonneuil (INED-EHESS, Paris), Optimal Seasonality of Conception inferred from Marriage and Birth Time Series in Populations with no Contraception
  • 17 mai, Jani Turunen (SUDA, University of Stockholm), Shared physical custody and children’s wellbeing in Sweden
  • 31 mai, Mathias Lerch (Max Planck Institute for Demographic Research, Rostock), Urban and rural fertility transitions in the developing world
  • 1 juin, Philippe Bocquier (DEMO/UCL), Souleymane Sanogo (Université de Ouagadougou I), Abdramane Soura (Université de Ouagadougou I), Moving Targets : Migration and health in Ouagadougou. First results of a migrant follow-up mobile phone survey
  • 7 juin, Solveig Cunnigham (Emory University), Migration and Chronic Disease: The role of place and people in Belgium
  • 12 juin, Christophe Vandeschrick (DEMO/UCL), La moyenne, l'approche de Chsini revisitée : bilan et perspectives