Programme provisoire (Provisional programme)

Demographic Change along the Urban-Rural Gradient

Quetelet Seminar, 7-8 November 2019,

Venue : LouvainHouse, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium


Thursday 7 November 2019


Session 1: Gradient of urbanicity and urbanisation definition

  • Lucie Lecomte, Hugo Poelman and Lewis Dijkstra. Vers une définition mondiale des villes et du degré d'urbanisation
  • Mathilde Rudolph. Dynamiques démographiques des villes européennes : quelles échelles et quelles données pour une comparaison harmonisée ?
  • Alisson Barbieri, Marden Campos and Reinaldo Santos. Urban Gradient: looking beyond the urban – rural dichotomy to assess sociospatial and demographic heterogeneities for territorial planning in Brazil
  • Julia Côrtes. Spatial measure to estimate urbanicity along urban-rural gradient: new demographic approach to analyze urban transition at the Brazilian Amazon region
  • Md. Mehedi Hasan Khan. Urban Transition in Bangladesh: A Historical Exploration of the Changing Notion of ‘Urban’ in a ‘Medium Human Development’ Country


Session 2: Population growth along the urban-rural gradient

  • Isabel Pujadas, Fernando Gil-Alonso and Jordi Bayona. Demographic Change along the Urban-Rural Gradient in Catalonia: Why are some (small) municipalities growing and others decreasing?
  • Brahim Kidou. Les inégalités spatiales du changement démographique dans la plaine du Souss-Massa (Centre Ouest marocain).
  • Nubia Ruiz and Alice Amandine Beuf. Croissance démographique el expansion spatiale : des relations complexes, à partir de l´exemple de Bogotá, Cali et Villavicencio
  • Marie Vandresse. La prise en compte de l'intensité migratoire dans la projection des migrations internes - le cas de la Belgique


Session 3: Fertility behaviours across rural & urban sectors

  • Mathieu Buelens. Recent evolution of fertility in European metropolises
  • Yoann Doignon and Elena Ambrosetti. Une approche spatiale de la baisse de la fécondité en Egypte (1960-2006)
  • Floriane Kamgaing, Tyler McCormick, Thomas Legrand and Samuel Clark. Small-areas space-time variation of fertility-related indicators over the urban-rural gradient in Sub-Saharan countries using an hierarchical Bayesian Model
  • Mohamed Farid Ahmed. Spatio-temporal modeling of urban-rural fertility in Greater Cairo Region
  • Bal Govind Chauhan. Decomposing the Urban- Rural Gap in Utilization of Maternal and Child Health care Services in India: Evidence from Household Data
  • Jitka Rychtarikova. Spatial or time shift in fertility change over recent decades in the Czech Republic?



Friday 8 November 2019


Session 4: Health behaviours across rural & urban sectors

  • Philippe Bocquier, Carren Ginsburg and Ashira Menashe Oren. Internal migration and its relationship to survival over a gradient of urbanicity in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Jenny Garcia. Urban Bias in Latin American causes of death patterns
  • Alex Shpenev, Has-Peter Kohler and Cristina Bicchieri. Sanitation behavior in urban and rural India: a networks and norms approach
  • Ashira Menashe Oren and Bruno Masquelier. Urban-rural inequalities in mortality over the life course in low- and middle-income countries
  • Samuel Mwangi. Understanding the Root Causes: Inequality in Healthcare Access and Irregular Migration


Session 5: Changes in living arrangements across rural & urban sectors

  • Yoann Doignon, Thierry Eggerickx and Ester Rizzi. A spatio-temporal analysis of cohabitation in Belgium and France since 1970
  • Hideko Matsuo and Koen Matthijs. Rural and urban differences on marriage seasonality from early 19th to early 20th century, analysis based on two provinces in Flanders
  • Jaroslav Kraus. Spatial variability of Single Households in the Czech Republic: Findings from Population and Housing Census (2011)
  • Sébastien Oliveau, Yoann Doignon and Dieynaba Ndour. Comprendre les différences de croissance de la population au regard du rapport à la ville
  • Ana Hermeto. Socio-Spatial Reconfigurations of Families and Gender Asymmetries along the Urban-Rural Gradient in Brazil


Session 6: Migration and circulation within countries

  • Daniel Lichter and David Brown. The Rural-Urban Interface: Growth and Change in Small Towns at the Periphery of U.S. Metropolitan Cities
  • Dinabandhu Mondal and Anuradha Banerjee. Peri-Urban Dynamism In India: Evidences From Kolkata Metropolis
  • Jean-François Léger, Maria Carella and Roberta Pace. Massification de l’enseignement supérieur et disparités spatiales d’accès aux fonctions de cadre en Italie et en France : faut-il continuer à encourager l’accès à l’université ?
  • Jingbo Li. The Study on the Return Migration of Urban-Rural Census Register Barrier in the Metropolis:the Example of Tianjin


Session 7: Urbanisation, economic inequalities and ecology

  • Ankit Sikarwar and Aparajita Chattopadhyay. Changing land use patterns of rural peripheries of Indian cities and its’ linkages to the environment and migration
  • Nicolas Cauchi-Duval, Vincent Béal and Max Rousseau. Mobilités résidentielles de proximité et transformations sociodémographiques : un trafic sous influence
  • Soumi Chatterjee. What had happened to the households experiencing seasonal male out-migration? : Interstate migration from Eastern Gangetic Plains and associated Vulnerabilities.
  • Ankit Sikarwar and Ritu Rani. Peri-urban dynamics in India: a synergistic approach to estimate the Ratio of Land Consumption Rate to Population Growth Rate (SDG:11.3.1) at village level using census and satellite data