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Jean-Frédéric de Hasque is doctor in anthropology and documentary film director ( 0000-0002-2047-927X ). His recent films and research focus on the processes of making a higher social class on the African continent through associative networks. He analysed the expansion of the Lions Club in Benin (PhD 2017), the creation of the Pan-African continental branch of the Lions Clubs and the evolution of the "white" Lions Clubs in South Africa and Namibia (Post Doc 2021). Infos on his films : and can be viewed on

  • Description of the main topics
    -socio-political anthropology
    -visual anthropology / anthropology in images
  • Field work
    West Africa / Southern Africa

Scientific Advisory Board, Collection Investigations en Anthropologie Prospective,

Academia - L’Harmattan/ UCLouvain /IACCHOS Institute/Belgium

Member of AEGIS Collaborative Research Group (CRG) Africa in the World Rethinking Africa’s Global Connections, ASC Leyden University, RAI Royal Anthropological Institute, UK, Société des Africanistes, France, ISSR International Society for the Sociology of Religion, APAD Association pour l’anthropologie du changement social et du développement.


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