Archaeology of Forced Migration


16 March 2017

17 March 2017

Fourth Session: Regional Perspectives: The East

Alexander Pruss (Johannes Gutenberg-University of Mainz): The Amuq Region in the Early Iron Age

Michael Brown (University of Heidelberg): Forced Migration in the Middle Euphrates Valley: Ancient Empires and Modern Perspectives

Assaf Yassur Landau (University of Haifa): The Accidental Migrant : The Archaeology of the Story of Sinuhe and other high Status refugees of the Bronze and Iron Ages

Ann Killebrew (Pennsylvania State University): The Levant in Crisis: The Materiality of Migrants, Refugees and Colonizers at the End of the Bronze Age

Stefania Mazzoni (University of Florence): In Search of a Land. The Age of migrations, exodus and diasporae across the Eastern Mediterranean (13th -11th c. B.C.)

Fifth Session: Regional Perspectives: The South

Shirly Ben Dor Evian (Israel Museum, Jerusalem & Tel Aviv University): Egyptian Historiography on the Mobility of (Sea) People at the End of the Late Bronze Age

Aaron A. Burke (Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA): The Decline of Egyptian Empire, Forced Migration, and Social Change in the Southern Levant, ca. 1200–1050 B.C.

Rachel Mittelman (Columbus State University): Determining Libyan Influence in Egypt during and after the Late Bronze Age Collapse

Sixth Session: Regional Perspectives: The West

Bartek Lis (Polish Academy of Sciences): Potters in captivity? An alternative explanation for the Italo-Mycenaean pottery of the 13th century BC

Reinhard Jung (Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften OREA): Push and Pull Factors of the Sea Peoples between Italy and the Levant