Other tools



Qawl is a free computer program for readers and searchers in the fields of Arabic studies created by Sébastien Moureau (F.R.S -FNRS, Université catholique de Louvain).

The program offers the following features:

  • a large library of Arabic texts (around 2000) ;
  • a research algorithm which allows one to search any word matching a query ;
  • automatic identification of parallel passages (sources, quotations, etc.) of any pasted text in comparison with the entire library ;
  • handy help for translation and analysis of Arabic words and sentences through various webtools (Aratools, Google Translate, Bing Translator).

The program can be downloaded for free


ChrysoCollate is a free program for collating and editing texts in any language (Unicode) created by Sébastien Moureau (FNRS, Université catholique de Louvain). It allows you to easily collate your manuscripts, order them and compare them, and provide you with tools for easy editing, as the making of automatic apparatus.

The program offers:

  • two modes: collation mode and edition mode;
  • a collation table with automatic distinctive colours and previsional completion of readings;
  • annotation tools for the collation table, including a system of references to the images of the witnesses that allows you to navigate easily in your textual tradition;
  • automatic apparatus, according to the readings that are chosen by the editor;
  • a stemma codicum checker;
  • a translation box to manage and synchronise your translation;
  • exportation in various formats (odt, cte, etc.).

The program can be downloaded for free

Toolbox for Classical Armenian

Toolbox for Classical Armenian. Different tools created by Gabriel Kepeklian, such as electronic dictionary generators for Classical Armenian (using DELA formalism) and old Armenian fonts convertors into Unicode fonts. 


Eulexis: un lemmatiseur de grec ancien par Philippe Verkerk (avec le concours du Pool Biblissima).


LemGreek: un lemmatiseur de grec ancien par Smaranda Badilita, Guillaume Bady, Yasmine Ech Chael, Laurence Mellerin (Institut des Sources Chrétiennes).