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Introduction sur le Projet ARC par le Prof. Vincent Yzerbyt, Vice-recteur à la recherche (UCL)/ Introduction on the ARC-Project by the Vice-rector for Research (UCL)

Accueil et introduction par le Prof. Jan Driessen, responsable d’AegIS et porte-parole du Projet ARC « Crisis » (UCL)/ Introduction by the head of the research group AegIS and spokesperson of the ARC-Project “Crisis” (UCL)

Charlotte Langohr (UCL-Aegis; FNRS),
Introduction paper – Late Minoan IIIB pottery at Malia and Sissi: assessing local ceramic sequence, regional traditions and interaction networks

Birgitta Hallager (Greek-Swedish Excavations at Khania)
The LM IIIB settlements at Khania

Eleni Hatzaki (University of Cincinnati)
Knossos Little Palace North in a Knossian and Cretan context: the LM III stratigraphical, architectural, and ceramic sequence

General discussion (Chairman: C. Macdonald, British School at Athens)

Jeremy Rutter (Dartmouth College)
Late Minoan IIIB at Kommos : an abundance of deposits, a dearth of clear sub-phases, and probably a gradual desertion of the site

Nicola Cucuzza (Università degli studi di Genova)
Preliminary observations on the LM III pottery from Kannia

Fotini Nezeri (Ministry of Culture, Greece)
The “Armenoi workshop”: Local ceramic sequence and regional tradition from the LM III Cemetery at Armenoi Rethymnon

Constantinos Paschalidis (Curator of Antiquities, Prehistoric Collection, National Archaeological Museum, Athens), Nikos Panagiotakis (Archaeologist), Marina Panagiotaki (assistant Professor at the Department of Mediterranean Studies, University of the Aegean)
Sherds of History: the LM IIIB pottery from the Pediada Survey Project. Elements for the distribution and the character of life in central Crete, during the 13th c. BC.

Athanasia Kanta (Secretary General of the Mediterranean Archaeological Society; Director of the Centre for Cretan and Mediterranean Studies; honorary Director of Antiquities of the Heraklion Prefecture of the Ministry of Culture)
Historical pointers from new evidence. The situation in central Crete during LM IIIB.

Tim Cunningham (AegIS, UCL-INCAL)
Palaikastro Period XVI: the settlement and its ceramics in LM IIIB.

Angus Smith (Brock University)
Pottery from the Late Minoan III Cemetery at Myrsini Aspropilia