Projets en cours

Amyloid Precursor Protein (APP) as a new player in the regulation of GABAergic neurotransmission


  • Jean-Noël Octave, Nathalie Pierrot
  • Anna Doshina, Rémi Opsomer, Peng Wang, Ilse Dewachter, Pascal Kienlen-Campard, Philippe Gailly (FYCL)

APP-dependent GDNF expression and neuromuscular junction formation


  • Pascal Kienlen-Campard, Serena Stanga
  • Sabrina Contino, Frédéric Clotman (NEDI), Philippe Gailly (FYCL), Céline Vrancx, Jean-Noël Octave, Ilse Dewachter

Heterotypic seeding of Tau fibrillization by aggregated Abeta peptide


  • Ilse Dewachter
  • Bruno Vasconcelos, Ilie-Cosmin Stancu, Matthew Bird, Peng Wang, Jean-Noël Octave, Pascal Kienlen-Campard

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