Muscle coordination in human locomotion - Talk by Dr. Yuri Ivanenko

12 février 2019


Faculté des Sciences de la Motricité – Local A006

Place Pierre de Coubertin, 1 (LLN)

The Laboratory of Physiology and Biomechanics of Locomotion (IoNS - COSY) has the pleasure to invite you to the following talk:

"Muscle coordination in human locomotion"

This presentation will outline recent advances in understanding how motor commands are expressed during human locomotion. Each human lower limb contains over 50 muscles, comprising many intrinsic foot muscles, that are coordinated during locomotion. The idea that the CNS may control complex interactions by modular decomposition has received considerable attention. We explored this idea for human locomotion by examining motor patterns, including early development of the spinal locomotor output. It has been argued that the nervous system may control numerous muscles through modularity, using neural patterns to activate muscles in groups. The utility of such shared motor modules may depend on whether they can be adapted for specific task demands, requiring more sophisticated formulations of modular control in order to understand muscle coordination during locomotion.

By Dr. Yuri Ivanenko
Laboratory of Neuromotor Physiology, Fondazione Santa Lucia, Rome