symposium on Bilingualism and linguistic changes in aging & Alzheimer’s disease 


17 mars 2020



Auditoire SOCR 43 - Place du Cardinal Mercier, 10



IoNS, IPSY, and the Cliniques St Luc have the pleasure to invite you to attend

the symposium on « Bilingualism and linguistic changes in aging & Alzheimer’s disease »





Auditoire SOCR 43 (LLN)

place du Cardinal Mercier, 10-12

1348 Louvain-la-Neuve



Pr. Yakeel QUIROZ, Harvard Medical School, USA

“Can bilingualism delay or prevent Alzheimer’s disease?”



Ana Sofia Costa, PhD, Aachen University Hospital, Department of Neurology, Germany

“Bilingualism in primary progressive aphasia”


3:15-4:00pm COFFEE BREAK



Pr. Arnaud Szmalec, Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY), UCLouvain, Belgique

“Understanding bilingual aphasia: Behavioral and Brain correlates”



Pr. Wouter DUYCK, Ghent University, Belgium

“Cognition throughout the lifespan: the power of the bilingual experience”


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