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June 2021

 Martin Edwards will take up the mandate of Institute President for 3 years, starting on 1 September 2021.

At the last meeting of the IPSY Conseil, Martin Edwards thanked the two previous presidents for working to create an inclusive community across the different IPSY domains and for ensuring fairness, consistency in decision-making and increased support for researchers.

"More time for research"

Martin Edwards wants to simplify administrative procedures as much as possible so that researchers can spend more time on research. He wants to strengthen the place of research in IPSY in international networks.


Let's be pro-active so that IPSY is among the pilot institutes in the development of partnerships within Circle U. As the research expertise in psychology has been identified (Circle U - Potential Partnerships | UCLouvain), the ACA members of the Institute are invited to get in touch with potential partners. A first collaboration could be to propose the presentation of the IPSY seminars.


The Institute will welcome three new academic members in September.

  • For the chair of Psychology of Physical Activity, Damien Brevers
  • For the chair of Psychology of the couple, Taylor Kohut.
  • For the Psychometrics chair, Henryk Bukowski.

 Valérie Dormal will replace Nadine Fraselle on a part-time basis as Research Manager. Her extensive and cross-cutting experience will enable her to respond to the needs of researchers in several ways:

  • Setting up and managing psychology projects
  • Use of IPSY's research equipment and devices, such as EEG acquisition or eyetrackers
  • Research paradigms specific to each IPSY domain, including online experiments
  • Data management and ethics
  • Mastery of the usual software for piloting experiments (e.g., e-Prime, PsychoPy, Testable etc.) and for creating online surveys (e.g., Qualtrics)


You will find below the agenda of the PhD theses presented since January 2021.

 On January 14, 2021, Emilie Jacobs has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

Comment améliorer la cognition sociale d’enfants présentant une déficience intellectuelle ?
Impact de l’entrainement auprès d’enfants et de la socialisation parentale des émotions

Supervisor:   Prof. Nathalie Nader-Grosbois

 On February 12, 2021, Benjamin Roux has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Mindfulness-Based Interventions Among Adolescents with Behavior Disorders: Feasibility, Efficacy and Psychological Processes

Supervisor:   Prof. Pierre Philippot

  On March 4, 2021, Maria Elena Brianda has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

On the assessment, consequences, treatment, and psychoneuroendocrinology of parental burnout
Supervisors:   Prof. Moïra MIKOLAJCZAK                  Prof. Isabelle ROSKAM

 On March 26, 2021, Aurélien Cornil has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

A cognitive approach to Gambling Craving: Conceptualization, Assessment, and Intervention
Supervisors:   Prof. Joël BILLIEUX,                                Prof. Philippe de TIMARY

 On April 28, 2021, Claire Gosse has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

How do handwriting and spelling influence each other?
Investigation of writing development in children with and without dyslexia

Supervisor:   Prof. Marie VAN REYBROECK

  On April 30, 2021, Mohamed Rezk has publicly defended his PhD thesis : 

Motion representation in hMT+/V5:
Influence of cross-modal inputs and visual deprivation

Supervisor:   Prof. Olivier Collignon

  On June 10, 2021, Thi Mai Liên LE has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

Preschool predictors of arithmetic skills and language effect on numerical development:
A longitudinal study on Vietnamese children and two cross-linguistic studies between Vietnamese and French

Supervisor:   Prof. Marie-Pascale NOËL

 On June 11, 2021, Louise Manfron has publicly defended her PhD thesis : 

Investigations of spatial and temporal aspects of visuo-nociceptive interactions

Supervisor:   Prof. Valéry LEGRAIN


The Institute would like to thank its emeritus members who continue their research activities and contribute to promote the Institute's objectives through their voluntary work.

 Philippe Godin, Ginette Herman, Bernadette Piérart, Agnesa Pillon, Bernard Rimé


The ideas exchanged during the meeting of the Institute's members on 19 May led the Bureau to propose the implementation of four concrete actions.

  1. Organising a joint cathartic BBQ with the faculty after the September session and burning the covid man in a bonfire!
  2. Setting up an ongoing reflection on our return to the workplace and on the weaving of social and professional links within the Institute. Informal meetings would be organised regularly to share our experiences and to consider ways forward.
  3. Creating a PSY Kaf Kaf to have coffee with colleagues.
  4. Setting up a working group to organise events that bring people together, which could take the form of a conference, a series of conference-flashes or even moments of exchange and sharing of practices between researchers (e.g. data management, ethical aspects, relations with the media, etc.). 

Take care of yourself, take care of others, get vaccinated.