Junior researcher in the field of health psychology, education and/or digital learning


BUMPER (Boosting the usability of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention is an international research project funded through the European Commission’s EU4Health programme. Its overall aim is to support and enhance the design, development and targeted promotion of the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention, with a view to prepare the widespread dissemination of the App.
Specifically, the project will interact with an organisation that will design and build the EU Mobile App for Cancer Prevention, and (1) engage with selected potential end-users to gain insights on uptake and maintenance of the EU Mobile App; (2) train organisations and promoters in digital health literacy in order to use and apply the EU Mobile App; (3) pilot measures to promote the app to specific target groups in a sustainable fashion following the conclusion of the action; and (4) ensure a targeted promotion of the EU Mobile App concept. This action will be undertaken by an international consortium of 14 partners, including national cancer leagues acting as the main providers of information on cancer prevention at the national level as well as experienced researchers in health promotion and in implementation digital solutions. It has the endorsement and support of the WHO-affiliated International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC).
As one of the core partners of the consortium, the Psychological Sciences Research Institute (IPSY) of the Université catholique de Louvain will be responsible for the development and delivery of a training programme to build competency in digital health literacy and specific requirements for the use and promotion of the EU Mobile app for cancer prevention. The training will be given online in the form of a self-paced distance learning programme, building on an online educational course developed by IARC. The schedule, timing and adaptation of the curricula will be informed by a needs analysis of the promoters in respect of their competences in digital health literacy and applying mobile apps in health promotion settings. A co-creation session with promoters invited to training will be performed to consider the methods and materials for the training, which may include reading materials, videos, online exams etc., as well as interactive components such as user forums and discussions to facilitate interactions between participants and with experts

We are recruiting!

For this project, the UC Louvain is looking for highly motivated and capable junior researcher in the field of health psychology, education and/or digital learning to strengthen our team.
The contract will be that of a research collaborator for a duration of 2 years starting as soon as possible. The place of work will be the UCLouvain campus in Louvain-la-Neuve, with convenient and rapid commute with public transport.

Candidate Profile

- master in (health) psychology, educational sciences, or another field of health science with relevance to the research topic
- demonstrable research experience or interest (e.g., through master thesis) in behavioural science, education, digital learning, knowledge translation, and/or implementation research.
- excellent command of written and spoken English; knowledge of other European languages (in particular also French) is an asset.
- demonstrable experience in working in a digital environment
- able to work independently and as part of a team
- very good time management skills and are able to manage and prioritize multiple tasks
- inventive, creative and adapt easily to changing circumstances.stephan.vandenbroucke@uclouvain.be


For more information, contact stephan.vandenbroucke@uclouvain.be to whom you can also send your application (CV in English + motivation letter).