We use Open Sesame, PsychoPy and E-Prime 1 and 2 with Microsoft Windows computers to measure performance (i.e., response latencies and error rates) on various computerized tasks with healthy participants and brain-damaged patients.

Equip4 We use the brain imaging scanner facilities (3T Achieva, Philips Medical Systems) at the Cliniques universitaires St-Luc (UCLouvain) to record brain activity during various cognitive tasks.
Equip5 Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is a non-invasive technique investigating the extent to which a brain area necessarily contributes to a specific cognitive process by causing a temporary and reversible impairment of this process by applying locally a small magnetic field over the scalp. We use the TMS facilities from the CoAction Lab (UCLouvain/IoNS/COSY) to interfere actively with cerebral processes during behavioural performance to investigate various numerical processes, such as numerosity processing or mental calculation.
Equip7 Along with the Psy-NAPS, and SpringLab groups (UCLouvain), we have acquired an EyeLink 2000 eye tracker. This equipment works by measuring the distance between a light source reflection on the eye ball and the center of the pupil 2000 times a second.
Equip8 We use the virtual reality facility from Psy-NAPS. The system records room body position and limb actions wirelessy using a Polhemus Liberty Latus 120HZ Motion Analysis System, and hand actions using 5DT Data Gloves. The system records physical movements, and synchronizes visual virtual movements displayed in a 3D in the head mounted display.