Mónica Suárez Reyes


Mónica Suárez Reyes is PhD student at Psychological Sciences Research Institute and the Faculty of Public Health at the Université catholique de Louvain. She obtained a Master degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion in the University of Chile in Chile. Her research is focused on Health Promotion and Healthy Setting Approach. Her thesis aims to understand the role of universities as a Health Promoting Setting, specifically by describing the implementation process of the Health Promoting University (HPU) initiative in different contexts. The project includes a mix of quantitative and qualitative approaches and a collaborative work between universities from different countries. This project is funded by the Chilean government through the BecasChile program.

Key words: Healthy setting, healthy university

Suárez-Reyes M, Van den Broucke S (2016). Implementing the Health Promoting University approach in culturally different contexts. Glob Health Promot 23, 46–56