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  Research interests:

My research projects focus on identifying the anatomo-functional bases of mental arithmetic in adults. More particularly, our studies aim at defining the specific contribution of the verbal, the visuo-spatial and the motor systems to simple arithmetic by using three complementary methodologies:

1)      a behavioural approach, mostly by collecting chronometric data in double-task paradigms;

2)      a neuroimaging approach thanks to the functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI);

3)      a lesional approach by inducing transient virtual lesions in healthy participants with the transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). 



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In preparation: 

  • Michaux, N., Andres, M., & Pesenti, M. (in prepraration). Recruitment of visuo-spatial, finger-related and verbal circuits in mental arithmetic: fMRI evidence of neuronal recycling.
  • MichauxN., Lerens, E., Seron, X., & Andres, M. (in preparation). Finger agnosia: Neglected issues.